Knowledge Base: Data recovery. Easy and reliable.

ElBackup is a vital tool for data recovery in Google Workspace accounts, providing a straightforward and efficient solution to safeguard critical information. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even those with minimal technical expertise can effortlessly back up and restore emails, documents, and other essential data. With ElBackup, organizations and individuals can protect themselves against data loss and ensure business continuity with ease.

  1. Select a service you need to recover data for. You can do it in the left menu bar of your ElBackup account.
    google drive backup
  2. If you need to download the entire service (Mailbox or Drive), just click the Restore button; but you may select the items you need to recover. It will speed up the recover process.
  3. Once you selected the items, confirm your choice and click the Restore button.
  4. The Restored_by_ElBackup_%date-time% folder/label will appear at your original Google account (it won't appear at your ElBackup account before the next backup iteration).
  5. Not sure whether you have lost any data? Lost&Found folder keeps all the deleted and lost data, so you can keep on monitoring.
    lost and found folder

ElBackup is an essential tool for data recovery in Google Workspace accounts, offering a simple and effective way to protect critical information. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to back up and restore data, ensuring organizations and individuals can safeguard against data loss and maintain business continuity. Using ElBackup, users can select specific services or items to restore, speeding up the recovery process, with restored data appearing in the original Google account. Additionally, the Lost&Found folder helps monitor and recover any lost data.