The easiest way to retrieve your data from Google in archive

Ensuring the safety and availability of your data across various Google services is crucial. Here’s how you can back up Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Contacts, and Google Tasks to secure your important information.

Google Mail Backup

Google Mail (Gmail) is a widely used email service that contains a wealth of important information. Backing up your Gmail can prevent data loss due to accidental deletion or account issues.

Methods to Back Up Gmail:

1. Google Takeout: 

   - Visit Google Takeout.

   - Select “Mail” and choose the format and delivery method.

   - Export and download your Gmail data.

2. Third-Party Tools: Tools like `Gmvault` and `MailStore` offer automated Gmail backups, providing regular and incremental backups to ensure all your emails are secure.

Google Calendar Backup

Backing up your Google Calendar ensures that all your important events, appointments, and reminders are safe.

Steps to Back Up Google Calendar:

1. Google Takeout:

   - Go to Google Takeout.

   - Select “Calendar” and export your data.

2. Calendar Export:

   - Open Google Calendar.

   - Go to “Settings” > “Import & Export.”

   - Click “Export” to download your calendars in .ics format.

Google Drive Backup

Google Drive is a central repository for documents, spreadsheets, and various files. Backing up your Google Drive ensures you have copies of all your important files.

Methods to Back Up Google Drive:

1. Google Takeout:

   - Navigate to Google Takeout.

   - Select “Drive” and download your files.

2. Google Backup and Sync:

   - Install the Backup and Sync tool.

   - Set it up to sync your Google Drive to your local computer.

Google Photos Backup

Google Photos stores your images and videos, which are often irreplaceable. Regular backups are essential to preserve your memories.

Ways to Back Up Google Photos:

1. Google Takeout:

   - Visit Google Takeout.

   - Select “Photos” and export your data.

2. Google Backup and Sync:   - Use the Backup and Sync tool to download your photos to your local device.

Google Contacts Backup

Your Google Contacts list contains valuable information about your personal and professional connections. Backing up your contacts ensures you never lose this critical data.

How to Back Up Google Contacts:

1. Google Contacts Export:

   - Open Google Contacts.

   - Go to “More” > “Export.”

   - Choose the format (Google CSV, Outlook CSV, or vCard) and export your contacts.

2. Google Takeout:

   - Access Google Takeout.

   - Select “Contacts” and download your data.

Google Tasks Backup

Google Tasks helps you keep track of your to-do lists and tasks. Backing up Google Tasks ensures you retain your productivity data.

Methods to Back Up Google Tasks:

1. Google Takeout:

   - Visit Google Takeout.

   - Select “Tasks” and export your data.

2. Third-Party Tools: Use tools like `TaskClone` or `IFTTT` to automate the backup of your tasks to other services like Evernote or Google Sheets.

By regularly backing up your data across these Google services, you can protect yourself from data loss and ensure that your critical information is always available. Whether through Google Takeout, third-party tools, or local syncing options, there are multiple ways to safeguard your digital life. Contact us to know more on how can you download your data from ElBackup dashboard.