ElBackup Monthly Report – June 2024

Welcome to the June edition of the ElBackup Monthly Report! As always, our goal is to keep you updated on the latest improvements and fixes in our system. We value your feedback and are committed to providing you with the best backup experience possible. Here’s a rundown of the key updates and bug fixes we’ve implemented this month.

- Weekly Report Bug Fixes
- Delete Functionality Restored

We are pleased to announce that the "Delete" functionality is now back for plans with storage equal to or greater than 100GB. This means that users with these plans can once again delete files as needed, providing more control over your data management.

To enhance security, we have made Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) obligatory for using the "Delete" feature. This added layer of security ensures that only authorized users can delete files, protecting your valuable data from accidental or malicious deletions.

- Invite User UI Fixes

We’ve listened to your feedback and made several improvements to the "Invite User" interface. We’ve addressed issues related to user invitation notifications and overall UI glitches to ensure a seamless experience.

- Improved Status Messages for "Recent Activity"

Clear communication is key, especially when it comes to tracking your backup activities. We have improved the status messages in the "Recent Activity" section, making them more descriptive and helpful. You can now better understand what actions have been taken on your account and quickly identify any issues or changes.


  • Delete Functionality: Available for 100GB+ plans with MFA.
  • UI Improvements: Enhanced "Invite User" interface.
  • Status Messages: Clearer updates in "Recent Activity."

We are continuously working to improve ElBackup and make it the most reliable and user-friendly backup solution on the market. Your feedback is crucial in this process, so please keep sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us.

Thank you for being a valued ElBackup user. Stay tuned for more updates next month!

The ElBackup Team

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