Knowledge Base: Adding extra security to your account.

Backup is a powerful tool to keep your data secure. Though, there are extra protection layers to protect your account.

  1. Setting up Multi Factor Authentication for your account. You can set it up at your Account Settings (top right corner)
    Enable 2-step verfication
    Add it to your Authenticator app via QR-code or manually.
  2. Create your ElBackup ID. It helps to create an alternative way to log in to your ElBackup account.
    Login with ELBackupID
    Click on Enable Login by ElBackup ID. Create a password for your Elbackup account. Please note, your email address will be a username.
  3. Disable Google Authentication. It helps your account to prevent login with Sign In with Google button.

Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and creating an ElBackup ID provides alternative login methods and enhances account security.