Knowledge Base: How to upgrade your account.

At ElBackup, we offer a 15-day free trial with 5GB of storage included. Do you love our solution? We're thrilled to hear that! Let's make the most of ElBackup's protection tools.

Once your trial period ends, you'll be prompted to upgrade your account. Click the red button to proceed.

15-day free trial and pay as you go

The default plan includes 1 user license and 50GB of storage. You can add more users and more storage, if needed.

Add payment details and proceed to purchase

Enter your credit card details

Out of storage? No worries, you can keep you precious data by adding more storage to your account. Click on the red "Add Cloud Storage" button to proceed

out of storage

You may add bundle of 50, 100, 200, 500GB or 1TB at once.

Also, you may add other users of your Google Workspace domain, or other individual users to your account. If you want to combine Google Workspace and individual account, please contact our support