Knowledge Base: Protecting your Google Photos.

In today's digital age, preserving precious memories is more important than ever, and Google Photos Backup offers a seamless solution for safeguarding your cherished moments. This powerful tool automatically saves your photos and videos to the cloud, ensuring that your memories are protected against device loss, damage, or theft. Using ElBackup for your Google Photos backup is crucial for ensuring an additional layer of security and redundancy for your cherished memories. ElBackup offers a reliable and efficient solution to safeguard your photos and videos, providing peace of mind against potential data loss. By utilizing ElBackup, you can rest assured that your visual history is comprehensively protected and easily recoverable.

How to protect your Google Photos with ElBackup?

  1. Start your Free Trial.
  2. We use separate access token to grant access to your Google Photos. Press Connect To Google Photos to grant access.
    Connect Google Photos
  3. Confirm the access permissions to your Google Photos by check-boxing them and click "Continue". We need to access and arrange your Photos for backup (read) and restore (write) permissions.
    Set access permissions for Google Photos
  4. Access your Photos Backup in the left bar among other Google services
    Choose Google Photos from left navigation menu
  5. By default, your Photos will be backed up incrementally on a daily basis. You may always change it. See how to.
  6. You can recover Photos to your own account, download them locally or migrate your Photos to the related Google account within Elbackup either by selecting them, or all-at-once. This tool helps you to keep an extra layer of protection for your Google Photos.